How to Write SEO-Friendly Articles

seo articlesSEO friendly articles are a must have for any website seeking to rank highly on the popular search engines result pages. The essence of being SEO savvy is to ensure that your efforts at building and marketing a website are not in vain. Good SEO tactics lead to improved page ranking and visibility for the content you publish. The outcomes and benefits for highly visible content on a website include a high number of visitors who are likely to convert into buyers.

Other than increasing traffic, excellent SEO implementation on your site will improve the traffic such that more people click on a link to your site end up interacting with your content in a way that helps to build your business. The targeted traffic is more beneficial and cheaper than paying for advertisements that may attract visitors who are only seeking more information and have no intention of purchasing items. This guide will help you know how to write SEO-friendly articles.

Introductory paragraph with the keyword

An SEO-friendly article must have a target keyword or phrase. The first paragraph should have the keyword or phrase so that both visitors and search engine robots immediately identify it and associate it with a given search phrase. Being SEO-friendly implies that you write for the search engine and the people using it to find information on the internet.

Use subheadings

Subheadings help to separate the individual parts of the article so that it is easy to determine what the article is saying. Search engines prefer content that is easy to digest for the visitors. Subheadings are also useful triggers for search engines to understand the keywords for the article and the topics it covers. Make sure you format the subheadings correctly so that they have different HTML tags than the normal paragraph texts.

Have an elaborate blog structure

A blog structure is important for any article writing meant for SEO purposes. The blog structure has short articles that have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The body includes several points that elaborate the article’s purpose. You can have the body as a set of paragraphs under one or several subheadings. The body contains the main message of the article. However, it must not be too long to the reader’s liking. Another variable to consider is the length it takes to read the article and understand what it is all about. Therefore, keep the article clear and the paragraphs well-spaced.content writing

Keep sentences short and direct

The sentences in the article should be direct and use an active voice. The active voice helps you cut the fluff in sentences and improves their brevity. SEO friendly articles should also follow grammar rules too. The search engines are getting smart. They now consider grammar as part of the rule for spotting spam content.

Have the right keyword ratio

A keyword ratio of 1 to 4 percent is ideal for an article. The length of the keyword or phrase will affect the final keyword ratio. Single words require several mentions to reach the same keyword ratio as a three-word phrase.

Take these considerations in mind when writing your SEO-friendly article for the best outcomes.