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Benefits of Proprietary CMS over Open-source Software

Content management systems are often classified as either proprietary or open source. These two models are distinct with each having its unique benefits and drawbacks. However, if the two content management systems for media are compared, a proprietary CMS is a better deal than the open-source software. That said, here are a few things that give a proprietary CMS an upper hand over open-source software.

Dedicated support

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If you want a system that offers you dedicated support then, you should choose a proprietary management system. This system is customized to ensuring quality online news. Also, you do need to hire experts to ensure publications flow smoothly. This is contrary to an open- source software. With this system, you will come across many bugs and minor issues that need to be addressed to ensure quality online publications.

User-friendly interface

A CMS with a good user interface is a handy tool if you want to manage your online daily in the best way. Ideally, Your CMS of choice should be easy to operate and navigate. It should also be clean and flexible. Choosing a proprietary CMS over an open source newspaper software will guarantee you the benefits mentioned above. More to this, it can be easily customized to meet your online requirements.

Security risks

A good CMS should be secure. It should be hard to tamper with. If you fail to ensure this, you will have your online publications altered to suit the needs of specific users. That said, if you want to keep your site secure, you should never settle for an open- source publication system. Instead, settle for a proprietary CMS. Service providers of these systems ensure that all sensitive data is safeguarded using an encryption.

Ease in implementing a new feature

content alalysisIt is hard to implement something new in your online daily with open-source software. You may be required to hire an expert to work on your proposed changes. Indeed, this can be inconveniencing, time-consuming, and costly. With this system, you only need to email your support team. They will offer an instant solution, and in case you want a permanent solution, they will customize your system to adopt the proposed changes.

Easy to set up

This is another key feature of a proprietary CMS. With this system, you will appreciate an easy time is setting up. More to this, once you set up the system, you can start using it as soon as possible. Another benefit of a CMS system is that you can pre-test the system in a trial domain and later transfer relevant content without losing anything.…