Biggest Video Production Trends in 2018

This is the time of the year when we predict what will become of video production as we approach 2018. Here are some of the trends that have dominated the better part of 2018. No one can predict what the future has in store, but we can anticipate what to expect:


video production
4K Video

Every passing year a new video quality standard is used. Presently, there is an expectation for full high definition video. Picture back the last moment you saw a low-quality video, how disappointing! Modern-day TVs and cameras arrive in 4K capability. The major video streaming sites give their users the ability to upload 4K quality footage. At the moment, you can stream this type of video quality using the fastest internet speeds. After the arrival of HD footage, it gradually spread into the mass market – 4K will be no exception. As soon as this becomes the new standard, PRs and brands will expect all their videos to come in that format. All other video formats will slowly become outdated. 4K video quality appears better when in HD as videographers easily zoom into footage without compromising on its quality. The best way to correct framing and give it a better interview is through using two or more cameras. 4K is your trusted source.


Affordable Tech

Several years ago, high-end technology comprised of drones and other 360 angle cameras. All this costs thousands of dollars. The more they increase in popularity, more companies will rely on affordable versions tailored to the consumer market. This qualifies as great news when watching PR videos despite shrinking budgets.


In-house Videographers

Cheaper technology solutions enable bands and websites have their in-house teams. This trends will continue onward into 2019. Video production and PR companies can deliver to their clients what mainstream media outlets are unable to do. This is why external agencies are highly recommended. Some outlets lend their footage so that one can tailor it into the style that fits best with their content. If you are relying on a high-quality online package, go for one that best resonates with your audience. This way it will not be seen as an advert and stands a better chance of getting used.


video streaming

Video streaming sites stand out regarding popularity. Today, more social sites are adding streaming features. Streaming works great with certain audiences, that is why high-end streaming seems to be the new wave. Some streaming sites provide new experiences when compared to streaming through social media channels. Such streaming platforms will be hosted on a certain dedicated page. When using a white label host, the process of monitoring your audience is eased. Everyone who takes time to log in will be captured by the stream and view it. This is more grabbing than a random social media video.


The video production industry is ever dynamic. The leading videographers must remain up to date and keep up with the newly developing trends. If you need to understand the basics on video production, see here for more.…